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"Home.” The word itself evokes so much.
Comfort. Warm. Safe. Healthful, Inviting. Childhood. Family. Friends. Holidays. Celebrations. Charming. Beautiful. Elegant. Casual.

“Far too often we hear that there is not enough money to do a thing right the first time, yet when problems result and bring greater costs on the backside, we do seem to find even greater sums. By this time, expenses reside with the homeowner after their architects, engineers, and builders have completed their work and moved on.


Homes are intended to provide shelter – to keep people safe. Coastal homes I build are meant to do that well beyond the life of the mortgage, for generations. Enduring, healthful, and energy efficient homes yield long-term payoffs through savings in maintenance, repairs, and operations. And my homes provide a sense of comfort and beauty like no other."

John Porretto
President, Sustainable Building Solutions




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What comes to you when you think of coming home?

At Sustainable Building Solutions we can help you make those dreams your own. We specialize in coastal homes designed and built to endure severe weather. Our construction criteria exceed code in structural integrity, energy efficiency, safety, and health. Our high standards demonstrate our commitment to the environment, indoors and out. Our custom designs reflect the casual elegance of coastal living, tailored to your unique requirements. Our demanding standards deliver a home requiring minimal upkeep; one built to last for generations.

Sustainable Building Solutions is on the leading edge of the movement to build high quality, environmentally friendly, healthful homes. Our homes offer an enhanced quality of life in a nurturing environment.

What makes a Sustainable Building Solutions home “green?”

• Healthy indoor air quality

• Superior energy efficiency

• Low-maintenance durability

• “Earth-friendly” construction

• Cost effectiveness

• Improved return on investment

• Community-oriented spirit

What makes a Sustainable Building Solutions home exceptional?

• Timber framing and structural insulated panels for unsurpassed structural integrity and energy efficiency

• Slate or composite slate roofing

• Reclaimed, standing dead, or sustainably harvested wood

• Rainwater harvesting systems and solar-panel readiness

• Weather-resistant hardware

• Low-e, double-pane Argon gas insulated windows

• Unsurpassed quality of materials and craftsmanship

• Enduring, flexible, timeless designs


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